Translating Love Podcast

We launched a podcast, because we wanted to try something different as a couple and also wanted to do something together and explore a new medium for us. In our Translating Love podcast we are talking about our relationship and how we met, how Danielle came to Austria and much more. Mental health and trauma will be a topic, but also just daily stuff like sport, veganism and much more will be a topic.

We are really excited and we hope you will like this new format. We are open for suggestions and also you can send us messages here or just on our website or e-mail. You can listen to the podcast anywhere you are usually listen to them. And if you are not listening to podcasts, just start with ours, Translating Love. If you want to know more about us, you can find more >> here.

Send us an email or contact us on our Instagram @translatinglovepodcast